Traduction de La mort rousse par Kathe Roth, BookLand Press, Toronto, 2013, 175 p. Prix: $19.95.

An old house painter

An old house painter learns that he has a probably incurable
disease. While the doctors try to save his life, the old man,
who has never ventured beyond his small town, dreams of
going to spend his final days living intensely in a sunny Florida
that is transfigured by his feverish desire not to die. And it
is this overwhelming desire that brings back the memory
of the redheaded young woman who was the great love
of his life. Wild Red Love is a novel full of colour, passion,
and tenderness, about mad love, fiery love, set in Nicolet
in the 1920s and taking the reader through landscapes
in the American South – a hymn to the beauty of the world.

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